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Hi all, 

Chris Hillier, long distance backpacker extraordinaire, has given long distance backpacking talks to several libraries in Michigan. He's currently hiking the Appalachian Trail and asked that I send the below message to the library community. 

We had Chris at Berkley and he filled the place. Wonderful presenter! 


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Hi Matt! 

All is well from mile 346 of the AT. Really enjoying the hike. I'm wondering if you can access the forum that all the librarians use to contact each other and spread news. First, I wanted to thank all the Program Directors that asked me to speak. I think I've given that talk more than a dozen times now and I enjoy every time. They all gave generously to groups like the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance and it is much appreciated. Second, I'd like all of them to know that I'm back out on the trail for a few months and I won't be available for presentations. Several of them have contacted me asking if I'm available. I'm not only 'not available' but I don't even know when I will be! Honestly, I'm flattered that they ask but I just don't know when I'll be back. Rest assured, I'm out here enjoying new experiences and gathering stories to add to my talk. I have to walk the walk before I can talk the talk! 

If you can do this for me, great. If not, no big deal. Please let me know if it works out. 

Thank you! 

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