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Hi Jaema and all,

At my branch of the Capital Area District Libraries, our DVDs are housed in
two different areas. In one area, aimed at adults and teens, the movies are
divided by genre (Mystery, Informational, Musicals, etc.). We have a
separate section of DVDs in the children's area, and that section is
divided into "Children's" and "Family." "Children's" is educational DVDs as
well as movies that are really aimed at young children. "Family" is
feature-length movies, animated or live action, that are aimed mainly at
kids but that parents hopefully won't mind watching. As a rule of thumb,
G-rated movies go in Children's and PG movies go in Family.

Occasionally patrons search for a family movie in the adult/teen area and
are surprised not to find it, but overall the system seems to work very

Hope that's helpful,


On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 5:01 PM, Jaema Berman <jberman at tln.lib.mi.us> wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> We are reorganizing our DVD collections and wonder how you manage it. In
> the past, we collected award winning, R rated and family themed movies in
> the Adult Collection and cartoons and animation in the Children's
> Collection. We have recently broadened our Adult Collection by adding more
> films with adult themes and are looking to remove the "family oriented
> movies" to the Children's Collection.
> Do you mainly look at the ratings and divide your collections into Adults:
> R and PG13, Teens PG and PG13 and Children: G and PG? Or do you put them
> all together with proper labeling to guide patrons? Also, do you call your
> DVD collections anything other than Adult, Teen or Child/Youth? I
> appreciate your insight and advice.
> Sincerely,
> Jaema
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