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Diane Willick dwillick at ruthhughes.org
Wed Jun 28 13:39:19 EDT 2017

A while back I posted about the fact that we were having problems faxing to
the State of Michigan Unemployment office.  Well this week we could no
longer get faxes to go to DHS or the licensing bureau. Another library in
the area was having the same problem. She had a connection to the state and
got a hold of their tech people.  His suggestion was to check the speed of
your fax and change it and maybe call the phone carrier.  Our director
contacted our phone company and they changed some setting at their end.
Today we faxed to the unemployment office and it went through. WOO HOO So
if you are still having problems you may want to contact your phone carrier
and see if there is something that can be done on their end.  Good luck

Diane Willick
Ruth Hughes Memorial District Library
810 724-8043
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