[Michlib-l] Dive Into Data 2: New Skills, New Depths Conference, July 20 in Columbus OH

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Our neighbor OHIONET is sponsoring a second Dive Into Data conference next month. If you  have an interest in learning how to use data in your library you may want to take a look at this opportunity.


Since our last Dive into Data conference in 2015, the landscape has only become more complex and the expectations only greater. So, we're taking the conversation to the next level, by taking a very hands-on turn in our content for this year's event. We know that strong research begins with a well-defined question and answers come from well-planned data collection and analysis. By focusing on the how rather than the why of effective research projects, our conference tracks will introduce you to a variety of research methodologies, approaches and ideas suited for tackling different kinds of research projects and asking different kinds of questions. In addition to the three learning tracks described below, our day will also include....

Real-Life Research Case Study Panel--participants will describe different aspects of their research process: refining research questions, identifying stakeholders, selecting methods, and more
Real-Time Research Projects--these will demonstrate various methods for collecting data and each will answer a question from each of our three tracks

Conference Learning Tracks
Visioning: Where do we go?

  *   How should your library adapt and evolve to meet your community's needs? Learn more about using data to define your library's strategic direction and identify potential new initiatives.
  *   Presentations in this track will cover topics such as environmental scanning, demographic shifts, economic factors, political trends, town halls, focus groups, sticky note sessions, surveys and more.
Decision making: How do I choose?

  *   Are you faced with a difficult choice, or attempting to persuade others of the right choice? Learn more about using data to gain insights into available options and prepare a credible, convincing case.
  *   Presentations in this track will cover topics such as analytics, business intelligence, risk assessment, cost-benefit analysis and more.
Evaluating: How are we doing?

  *   Are your existing initiatives achieving your desired goals, or having the intended impact? Learn more about using data to assess the effectiveness of your library's programs and services.
  *   Presentations in this track will cover topics such as goal setting, benchmarking, outcomes, performance measures, evaluation frameworks, satisfaction surveys and more.


Shannon White
Library of Michigan
Whites29 at michigan.gov

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