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While it’s definitely possible (even likely) that the applicant is stupid/confused/lazy, etc., I don’t think I would necessarily draw that conclusion immediately and just toss the application into the garbage.  There’s always the chance there could be a “positive” behind oddball behavior like ignoring the explicit instructions in a posting!  My thoughts:

1.  The whole key to success in applying for jobs (or any other kind of competition) is finding a way to make your effort stand out from the others, and he certainly achieved that!  Here we all are, talking about his application.  It would be a huge gamble on his part, because most supervisors will probably go with the “I’m throwing it away” response (after all, it makes the job of filtering the apps easier).   But maybe the person is a risk-taker, outside-the-box thinker, or questioner of standard practices---all leadership skills.  (And if so, he might be testing whether the reaction to his application is going to demonstrate that this is the kind of organization HE’D be comfortable working for.)

2.  The person could be “confused” in a good way…….many geniuses walk into walls because their minds are on bigger things.  This might not necessarily be a positive trait in all situations, but if true it would certainly make the person someone worth considering.

3.  It’s also just possible that the applicant has a decent reason for not wanting his resume submitted electronically, or is experiencing a problem with his email account, or (I’ve done this!) wanted to submit it in multiple formats just to make sure it arrived.

In short I guess I’d say the suggestion is strong that the person is clueless and won’t make it, but I would definitely take a minute to open the fat envelope to see if it contains anything that could suggest a spark.  If it doesn’t, the wastebasket is always there.  But I might not be able to resist the urge to at least ask the guy why he did things that way, if for no other reason than that the answer would be interesting, whatever it is.  In any case I don’t think I’d be annoyed.  Insisting that strict adherence to convention is the only reasonable way to manage things will tend to result in manageable (but conventional) results.

Just one opinion…..

Anne Marie

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A few weeks ago I posted a job listing on Michlib and my coop's job board.  The listing very clearly states that resume etc. should be submitted to the following email address.  The listing did not include any mailing address.  Today I received my second fat envelope full of paper in application for the job.
I have 3 reactions to this fat envelope.
1. This person does not do well at reading directions.
2. This person does know how to look up addresses.
3. The wastebasket.
How would you react? Am I wrong here?  Interested in your comments? Also note, that so far I have 20 apps.

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