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Please don’t refeed partial sheets into a laser printer. The adhesive will ooze out from the heat, into the open areas, and ruin the transfer drum or roller.

I once had a colleague who thought saving nickels was a good thing to do.
In one day he ruined two $170 toner cartridges.

The issue with Dymo printers is they are thermal printers so the labels darken with exposure to fluorescent lighting, sunlight, or time.
What you want are thermal transfer printers, using resin ribbons and polyester label stock.

If any library using Sierra has a full working solution to the spine label issue using Zebra printers, I too, would like to hear from them.

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Is anybody using a dymo printer for printing a spine label with a pocket label.  Trying to figure out if there is label stock available.

We have using a dot matrix printer and looking to switch to a newer printer before it gives up the ghost and have enjoyed the ability to printer a few labels at a time.  Expect we will have to go to full sheet laser printing and just get used to waiting for bigger batches or re-feeding partial sheets.  Have seen others using the Dymo printers but just for spine labels or just for pocket labels but not for both together.

thanks, lise

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