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First Name: Ashlee
Last Name: McClaughry
Library ID: Roseville Public Library
Email: amcclaughry at roseville-mi.gov
Phone: 586-447-4559
Comments: Hi Kathryn,

My name is Ashlee and I'm in charge of our homebound delivery service at the Roseville Public Library (we're a Class V Detroit suburb library). How our service works is only residents of Roseville are able to register and use the service for free, but their card will be changed over to a materials by mail patron code. What this means is that they will only be able to receive and return materials through the mail - their card will be invalid at the library. There are no late fees (though standard costs for lost materials apply), they can only check out materials available at the Roseville Public Library, and my email becomes the primary mode of contact so that I receive the notifications when holds are in, items are overdue, etc. (This is why the card becomes invalid at the library; if everyone could get away with no fines and having me be responsible for getting items back, everyone would sign up.) We will send all library materials except new DVDs and Lucky Day items because those have a shorter check-out period. 

We do have them fill out a registration form with their name, address, phone number, time to call, and some general questions about what types of materials they like, do they need large print, what kinds of books do they prefer, favorite authors, favorite genres, and how many items they want per mailing. 

When I send out a mailing, I include a couple bookmarks, and a sheet with the due date, person's name, library card number, the books they checked out, and a spot for them to rate them. I always include a little note so that the service feels more personal. Some of the patrons will request materials but others will let me choose their books for them, and the rating helps me to know if something was a hit or an epic fail. I keep an excel sheet for each patron with everything I've sent and what they rated it. This helps me to not send duplicates.

I hope that answers your questions about our homebound delivery service.  Let me know if you have any other questions!


Ashlee McClaughry, Systems Librarian
Roseville Public Library
29777 Gratiot Ave.
Roseville, MI 48066
amcclaughry at roseville-mi.gov

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