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Barb Gudenburr gudenburrb at cantonpl.org
Wed Jul 12 15:24:41 EDT 2017

We have a sign-up sheet for staff and they pick a month and create the display themselves.  We also have a very creative and talented staff!

Barbara Gudenburr
Circulation Supervisor

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Hello everyone,

My library has a display case that we use for collections of various items. Previous collections have included a doll collection and a rock collection. We have also had displays by larger groups, such as the Daughters of the American Revolution. My colleagues and I were wondering if anyone had contact information for individuals or groups who might be interested in displaying their collections here. We are located in Warren, and the displays must be brought to the library. For this reason, contacts in the Detroit Metro Area would be best. Thank you for your help.

Julianne Novetsky
Library Technician
Warren Civic Center Library
One City Square, Suite 100
Warren, MI 48093-2396
jnovetsky at cityofwarren.org<mailto:jnovetsky at cityofwarren.org>

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