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Hi Eric,

You are correct. For anyone interested in the specific guidance around this, please see below:

FCC 97-157 section 566

566. Resale. Section 254(h)(3) bars entities that obtain discounts from reselling the discounted services.

Telecommunications services and network capacity provided [to schools or libraries at a discount] may not be sold, resold, or otherwise transferred by such user in consideration for money or any other thing of value.

And then section 567:

567. We agree, however, with the Vermont PSB that the section 254(h)(3) prohibition on resale does not prohibit an eligible entity from charging fees for any services that schools or libraries purchase that are not subject to a universal service discount.  Thus, an eligible school or library may assess computer lab fees to help defray the cost of computers or training fees to help cover the cost of training because these purchases are not subsidized by the universal service support mechanisms. We also observe that, if eligible schools, libraries, or consortia amend their approved service contracts to permit another eligible school or library to share the services for which they have already contracted, it would not constitute prohibited resale, as long as the services used are only discounted by the amount to which the eligible entity actually using the services is entitled.

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As it was explained to me by an erate consultant a couple years ago at a TLN meeting…

You can instead charge for “computer use” instead of “Internet use” to get around this. If you used federal dollars to buy the computers, too, then you can’t charge.

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Didn't think we could charge if we receive erate funding...
Kate Van Auken
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Sylvia: Please post what you find out. I didn't think any public library was charging for internet I would be very interested to know how many there are in the state.


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Can you please tell me how much you charge (e.g. $5 for 60 minutes), and what your yearly revenue from those charges are on your budget. And, also what about the staff time involved in monitoring this activity: worth the investment of time?


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