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Great job Mary Ann!  I had one of my patrons attend that event and they raved about it.  Thanks for the recommendation.

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    Last week Morton Township Library hosted Teresa
      Irish, author of A Thousand Letters Home to present "The Journey
      of the Letters”.  We had over 80 people in
      attendance.  We contacted
      her because of the
      many wonderful recommendations on Michlib. 
      She tells the story of her father through the letters he
      wrote home
      while serving in WWII.  Teresa
        discovered the 1,000 letters in her father’s trunk after
      he died.  The story is
      amazing.  So many in the
      audience cried, laughed and
      were completely inspired by her presentation. 
      In January of 2015, Teresa mentioned on Michlib that she
      would be
      leaving Michigan after 2015.  Good
      news!  She will not be
      leaving now until
      sometime in 2017.  If you
      are interested
      in hosting her presentation, please visit www.AThousandLettersHome.com
      contact Teresa Irish directly at Teresa at AThousandLettersHome.com
      or (734)502-4577.  You will
      not be
Mary Ann Lenon
Morton Township Library
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