[Michlib-l] MAP Statewide Year 2: Nine Month Birthday and 18% More Checkouts Than ALL Last Year!

Jim Flury jflury at tln.lib.mi.us
Tue Feb 24 09:07:53 EST 2015


Today is MAP Statewide Year 2's nine-month birthday! Yes, we went live with MAP Statewide Year 2 exactly nine months ago today. We are pleased to report that, thanks to your hard work as well as Brigette's social media promotion, MAP checkouts at the nine month mark are now 18% higher than for the entire 12 month period of May 24, 2013 through May 24, 2014. And with 250+ DNR attractions joining MAP effective May 24, 2015, the sky is the limit for MAP Statewide Year 3!

Speaking of sky, have you "checked out" the growing list of results when you do a MAP search? To wit, go to http://michiganactivitypass.info I entered my office location zip code of 48375 in the My Start Location field. In order that I might see the complete list of venues I entered 999 (Michigan is a big state, after all) in the blank box in the Maximum Miles from My Start Location field. Finally, in the My Library Name field I started typing Novi Public Library, and when that field auto-filled with the name of that library, I clicked the black Search button. A list of 334 activities appeared at right, ranging in distance from 3.0 miles away from zip code 48375 (Mill Race Historical Village) to 417.0 miles away from zip code 48375 (Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park). So where does the sky reference fit it in to all of this? On the "map of MAP" that appears on the left after you've clicked the black Search button, there are green balloons everywhere! Our goal with statewide MAP from the beginning has been to fill that entire map with green balloons, each one representing a participating venue. We've nearly succeeded, as you will see that there are very few areas of the state that are sans green balloon now. And we are still entering data that will result in additional green balloons!

Is your library ready to begin promoting the expanded MAP/Park and Read/Mi Big Green Gym program, which in addition to cultural attractions will also include all state parks, recreation areas, forest campgrounds, and historic sites, on May 24, 2015??!!

That said, if you know of venues in your area that would like to join MAP and become a green balloon on our map in the process, please send them my way. Several of you already have, and I thank you for that. Emphasize to these potential venues that our new partnership with BCBSM and DNR will result in publicity and promotion for their institutions the likes of which we've not been able to offer them with MAP before.

Thank you for your promotion and support of the Michigan Activity Pass (MAP) program.


Jim Flury

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