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Our library had been a City Library and restructured as a district library recently.  The City of Reed City had done all accounting and payroll on behalf of the Library previously and is presently continuing that arrangement.  The Library Board would like to consider changing some financial management to become more independent.
I have the following questions for Class III Libraries (especially, Class III district libraries) as related to financial management:
1).  Do you have an outside financial manager for your library or does the does the director (or other staff) assume responsibility for that function? For example, who is responsible for payroll, balance statements, audits etc.? Do you pay an outside person to perform accounting for your Library or do you have a dedicated staff for finances?
2) If your library is a district library, do any of your constituent participating municipalities perform financial management services on your behalf?  For example, if your district is comprised of one or more townships and a City, do you have an arrangement where the City or Township Treasurer perform fiscal management on behalf of the district library.  If so, what tasks do they complete on behalf of the Library?  How well do you feel this arrangement is working?
2).  If you do your accounting internally at your library, what software do you use and would you recommend that software to another library? 
These questions could probably be a little more well-worded, but even general insights and recommendations based on your experience would be appreciated.
Thank You (and Happy Monday!)


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