[Michlib-l] privacy and notifications

Jennifer Cornell JenniferC at kpl.gov
Tue May 20 15:51:58 EDT 2014

So....we have our Michigan Library Privacy Act which prevents us from sharing patron record information with those other than the actual patron.  Then, we offer notifications via phone, email, or text.  What do you do when you know the patron isn't the one with the email address or text number?  For example, a child who is two years old cannot read email or a text.  (We don't require parental signature with kids cards...just that the parent is with the child when signing them up, so we don't have that element of implied or extended authorization).

What do other libraries do?  Insight would be helpful.

Jennifer Cornell
Circulation Supervisor
Kalamazoo Public Library
269-553-7862 | www.kpl.gov

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