[Virtual_reference] webclient screen appearance

Walaskay, Alice A AAWALASK at oaklandcc.edu
Thu Jan 11 12:53:41 EST 2018

Hi all - In case you are wondering if everything is OK with the Webclient screen,  Altarama has changed from displaying every library in the bottom section below the buddies, to only  3 or so libraries. Other logged on librarians have reported seeing their own institutions plus MSU plus RHN main and that's it.
  For example, mine looks like this now:

[cid:image004.jpg at 01D38ADB.33954D90]

Sara W says "The list of queues in the Contacts list have nothing to do with queue assignments.  They are there so you can transfer chats to those queues, or send a direct message to the queue (with an assigned user asking).
The queues in the Contacts list appear just like the individual users in the list:  they are buddied to each other according to the Manage Contacts function in the User screen."
This is fine.  You will continue to get questions from all libraries as long as you are logged into both queues (right after you log in) on a screen such as
[cid:image005.jpg at 01D38ADB.33954D90]


Ann Walaskay, Faculty Librarian
Orchard Ridge Campus King Library
Oakland Community College
aawalask at oaklandcc.edu<mailto:aawalask at oaklandcc.edu>

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