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Date: Monday, July 18, 2016 at 7:47 PM
Subject: QuestionPoint Cooperative Update: July 2016

Dear Cooperative Librarians,

I am happy to provide you with this update about our Cooperative!

1) Answerland
Answerland is a library information and research help service available to Oregon residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Previously, the Oregon librarians had been using different chat software and the Oregon sessions were only visible to the 24/7 and Cooperative librarians when the Oregon librarians were not online. The Oregon State Library has chosen QuestionPoint for Answerland’s virtual reference management solution and thus the Answerland partner libraries<https://answerland.org/about-us/partner-libraries/> have now joined the 24/7 Reference Cooperative! The Oregon librarians have been diligently working on updating their policy pages and their queues will be enabled soon for 24/7 Cooperative coverage. Please join me in welcoming Answerland to our Cooperative!

2) Best Practices in Database Access
As discussed in our May webinar, a work group has been convened to create a Best Practices for Database Access document. Thank you to Paul Kittle (Mt. San Antonio College), Mimi Pappas (QuestionPoint 24/7 Librarian), Nancy Skipper (Cornell University), and Frank Wilmot (Denver Public Library) for participating in the work group!

The work group has asked for data about how many libraries currently provide a username/password or a special link on their policy page to provide chatting librarians access to their databases. Data will be collected using two methods: a) systematic review of the policy pages and b) survey.

a) Systematic review of the policy pages
The 24/7 Librarians are in the process of analyzing all of the policy pages. Additionally, as the 24/7 Librarians find other issues with the policy pages, they will be sending a note to the library using the Policy Page Email Contact webform. All librarians in the Cooperative are invited to use the webform to let a library know when the information on a policy page needs to be updated. Linda Denney, QuestionPoint 24/7 Librarian, reviews all of the webform comments and follows up on the requests to ensure that the issues are resolved.

b) Survey about Best Practices in Database Access
The work group invites Cooperative and 24/7 Librarians to share their thoughts, experiences, and suggestions about Best Practices in Database Access. Responding to these survey questions by July 31, 2016 will help the work group determine the scope and content of the document.

3) Scheduling
We continue to have two resources available to us for Cooperative scheduing: our Wiki and our Cooperative scheduling tool.

a) Wiki
The "Hours Needing Additional Coverage" page on the Wiki has displayed a color-coded list for each Cooperative (Academic and Public). The colors on this list would be updated occasionally and serve as a guide for the hours to choose when replacing missed shifts.

It has come to my attention that librarians in our Cooperative have been consulting the Wiki list to schedule permanent shifts (e.g. librarians at an academic institution may change their schedules at the beginning of each semester). However, librarians may schedule their permanent shifts at a variety of different times of the year. To ensure that the information presented is always relevant for this purpose, the Wiki list of “Hours Needing Additional Coverage” is being expanded to reflect our seasonal needs. Now, when you click Academic or Public, you will see four links to seasonal time periods. These lists will continue to be color-coded, but they are only to be used when scheduling permanent shifts. These Wiki lists will be updated only once or twice per year and will not reflect the day-to-day needs of our Cooperative—those immediate needs are indicated within our Cooperative scheduling tool. As always, send an email to me (spanglew at oclc.org<mailto:spanglew at oclc.org>) if you wish to select one or more of those hours for a permanent shift, so I can then update the colors accordingly.

b) ShiftPlanning
ShiftPlanning, our Cooperative scheduling tool, is rolling out an updated user interface. When you access your ShiftPlanning account, you may be given the option to preview the new interface. However, at this point I recommend that you remain using the current interface until I have had sufficient time to work with the new interface and update the screenshots for our Cooperative-specific documentation. I will plan to have the updated documentation ready for you before September 12 when the new interface will be made permanent.

I’d like to highlight a great use of ShiftPlanning—the librarians at the University of Massachusetts, Boston have been using the Request Trade process in ShiftPlanning to seek coverage from their colleagues. Here is the way a successful transaction appears to me behind-the-scenes:


Countless other librarians in our Cooperative have been using ShiftPlanning regularly to clock in/out and to use the Request Trade process when they cannot work a shift. Your participation is greatly appreciated—the stability of our Cooperative coverage has increased significantly over the past several months since Cooperative librarians have been using ShiftPlanning!

Patricia Memmott, QuestionPoint 24/7 Librarian, is helping with the process to accept the requests that are sent to the **Cannot Work Shift** account; she converts them into the half-hour *Academic Help Needed and *Public Help Needed shifts. When you request these shifts to replace missed shifts and/or boost your Contribution Percentage, you are automatically scheduled for them.

I realize that a few libraries within our Cooperative remain at an early stage of migration to ShiftPlanning, so if you have any questions about how to replace a missed shift, please let me know: spanglew at oclc.org<mailto:spanglew at oclc.org> .

4) 24/7 Librarians
Several 24/7 Librarians have been supporting the Cooperative’s work, as I’ve mentioned above. Here are some other items to note:

a) Quality
Gillian Davis, QuestionPoint 24/7 Librarian, has been been working together with me on Cooperative Quality issues since 2001. Gillian is now handling the bulk of the Quality processing and statistical reporting, as well as writing individual emails about Cooperative Quality issues.

b) Ready Reference Wiki
Amy Healey, QuestionPoint 24/7 Librarian, has been keeping the Ready Reference Wiki up-to-date. She has also been adding additional resources in various categories. If you have not perused the Ready Reference Wiki yet, take a look! http://wiki.questionpoint.org/readyref

c) Webinar: Meet the QuestionPoint 24/7 Librarians
The July 13 QuestionPoint Virtual User Community meeting featured QuestionPoint 24/7 librarians who provide reference service that insures chat coverage 24 hours a day for participating QuestionPoint libraries. The presenters were:

  *   Susan Barb, QuestionPoint Cooperative Staffing Manager
  *   Amy Healey, Public, academic, and school librarian
  *   Linda Denney, Business librarian
  *   Mimi Pappas, Academic and bilingual librarian
  *   Ronna Nemer, Public librarian; former QuestionPoint Coordinator for San Jose Public Library

We received excellent feedback about this webinar, so if you were unable to attend but wanted to view the recording, the WebEx recording link is available here: http://oc.lc/QP20160713.

Thank you for your continued participation in QuestionPoint’s 24/7 Reference Cooperative! We appreciate your commitment to serving our patrons through virtual reference. If I can be of any assistance to you with Cooperative-related issues, please do not hesitate to contact me at spanglew at oclc.org<mailto:spanglew at oclc.org>.



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