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Good afternoon,

We've had reports about a patron coming through the Northwestern Michigan College queue asking about covering mouths with tape. This is most likely the same patron who has asked similar questions in the past about duct taping mouths, pinching cheeks, and how to get people to stop screaming. We do have a canned reply for these questions under institutional scripts that reads "Your question has been addressed by many librarians over the past few months. Please do not contact us again." I included the most recent transcript below.

Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

Qwidget: I'm writing a story and it's going to have a protest in it, it's a silent protest with the protesters have tape on them, what are words I could use besides put

[Librarian 18:18:03]: Librarian 'Jeanette D, West Coast University' has joined the session.
[Librarian 18:18:22]: Hi, my name is Jeanette and I'm helping your library answer questions today
[Librarian 18:18:29]: Just reading your question now
[Library Patron 18:18:42]: Ok
[Librarian 18:18:59]: You're looking for ways to say "put tape on them"? Is that right?
[Library Patron 18:19:16]: Yes
[Librarian 18:19:41]: That's an interesting question! Please give me a moment to think about it.
[Librarian 18:20:02]: They have tape of their mouths, correct?
[Library Patron 18:20:25]: Yes
[Librarian 18:20:48]: Okay, let me think a minute
[Librarian 18:23:16]: "mouths taped shut" "lips fused with tape" "lips sealed"
[Librarian 18:23:44]: Have you tried looking in a thesaurus?
[Library Patron 18:24:06]: No
[Librarian 18:24:30]: I would find a thesaurus, and use it to find synonyms for the words you don't want to use.
[Librarian 18:25:00]: Try Thesaurus.com
[Librarian 18:25:36]: I can see if your library has a thesaurus.
[Librarian 18:28:16]: still looking
[Librarian 18:28:35]: What sources have you tried?
[Librarian 18:31:29]: I haven't heard from you in a while. Are you still connected or are you experiencing difficulties?
[Librarian 18:33:39]: Here's another thesaurus: http://www.merriam-webster.com/browse/thesaurus/a.htm<http://cp.mcafee.com/d/avndxMAcCQm4S1PbUWXNKVJ6X0UsyyOMOrhKMe78EIL6zASztxUQsI9FCzCVJ6X1EVuh7fcCzATKCdfSxk5lQGvI4bmXQ6PttaDX12RKZ1ITG210xX3_nVVdVNZx7HTbFETpV5BxBxYsVORQX8FGTjvVkffGhBrwqrpdLCXYCONtxdZZBcTsS02l-cpqGn05ivNVv24qCavAOvQRKbtcTw26Ri7-l-8awHrLgrdEEFK8CNsMwAq80nYSUMZ0Qg3uOfid40R6doCy0erza14Qg1TDOc_4IrohdMUHjQkuwNb8k>
[Library Patron 18:35:10]: Patron is no longer connected.
[Librarian 18:36:25]: Librarian ended chat session.

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