[Virtual_reference] FW: Coop news: Virtual User Group meeting; Persistent patrons

Randal Baier rbaier at emich.edu
Sat Aug 16 23:43:55 EDT 2014

In general, I not sure I would really recognize a repeat email or IP address, and I'm not even sure I would suspect a repeater, since similar questions often come up from separate individuals.

So is this issue primarily directed to those folks who monitor our QP inquiries for us,  our site managers for lack of a better term?

What's the tip off that we have a persistent patron? Maybe I'm just not doing this enough hours of the days to really notice.

I did not see the webinar referred to so perhaps this was discussed, in which case ... Sorry for missing the discussion.


On Aug 15, 2014, at 11:53 AM, "McCarthy, Sandy" <mccarthy at wccnet.edu> wrote:

> McGlamery,Susan [mcglames at OCLC.ORG]

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