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Hi -

I've updated the VR Training Manual (Part 1) to include this information on helping Spanish-speaking patrons. I just sent it to Sandy today for posting to the RHN Intranet.


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More information about spanish language questions  from Susan McGlamery  ...   Ann

Here is some context, in case you want to share this information with your librarians: The patron is from the University of Montemorelos in Mexico.  This library is part of our Spanish language Cooperative and the 24/7 english-language Cooperative.  The librarian at Montemorelos has stated that some of their students are bilingual.  He's also been told that the link to the 24/7 english language Coop should only be available from the English language sections of the university web page, and I will email him about this.

Meanwhile, your email sets out the steps to take if a Spanish-language patron come into the English language service but is unable to communicate in English.  I'm really glad you mentioned the Montemorelos institution script, so many people forget the scripts!

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Subject: spanish lang VR questions
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Hi all!  We are seeing some Spanish language questions in our queue.  How to handle?
Christine sent info about how to transfer to the Spanish language queue:

Here's the information from the QuestionPoint blog about transferring to the Spanish queue in QuestionPoint: http://questionpoint.blogs.com/questionpoint_247_referen/2009/06/quality-tip-no-habla-espaol-transfer-to-the-spanish-queue.html . Note that this queue is available only when a Spanish-speaking librarian is logged into the service. To see days/times when the Spanish queue is available, refer to the schedule: http://www.247ref.org/spanishschedule/libschedule.cfm . Note that the times listed are Pacific Time (3 hours earlier than Michigan).

If the Spanish queue is not available, then I would try to use an institution script.  Univ of Montemorelos has a script that will come up when one of their patrons sends a question.
Also, there are helpful phrases in Spanish from the QP Coop Best Practices pages that you may use.  See http://wiki.questionpoint.org/w/page/13839509/Spanish-Language%20Scripts

If you have questions, contact Susan McGlamery at mcglames at oclc.org<mailto:mcglames at oclc.org>. Or if you prefer to contact Wren, her email address is wren247 at gmail.com<mailto:wren247 at gmail.com>.

Ann Walaskay, Faculty Librarian
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11:26:40 2013/05/15 (GMT -0400) Qwidget: hola,podrian ayudarme con recursos didacticos para percusiones

11:26:40 2013/05/15 (GMT -0400) Note: Patron's screen name: Library Patron
11:26:40 2013/05/15 (GMT -0400) Patron has added an email address.
Ann Walaskay At OAKLAND COMM COL (Mich_A):
11:26:57 2013/05/15 (GMT -0400) Librarian 'AnnOakland' has joined the session.
Ann Walaskay At OAKLAND COMM COL (Mich_A):
11:27:12 2013/05/15 (GMT -0400) Hola, I'm Ann, a librarian at Oakland Community College in Michigan. There isn't a librarian from your school available right now, but I may be able to help you.
Ann Walaskay At OAKLAND COMM COL (Mich_A):
11:29:28 2013/05/15 (GMT -0400) ¡Hola! Me llamo Ann. Soy una bibliotecarioa en Oakland community College con el servicio. Estoy leyendo su pregunta y le ayudaré cuanto antes.
Ann Walaskay At OAKLAND COMM COL (Mich_A):
11:29:53 2013/05/15 (GMT -0400) Lo siento, pero no sé mucho español. ¿Prodría transferirlo(a) a otra bibliotecaria(o) que hable mejor español?
11:30:43 2013/05/15 (GMT -0400) ok
Ann Walaskay At OAKLAND COMM COL (Mich_A):
11:31:54 2013/05/15 (GMT -0400) Lo siento, pero no sé mucho español. Le puedo pedir a su bibliotecario local que se comunique con usted por correo electrónico ¿Le parece bien?
Ann Walaskay At OAKLAND COMM COL (Mich_A):
11:33:23 2013/05/15 (GMT -0400) Muchas gracias, su bibliotecario local se comunicará con usted por correo electrónico cuanto antes.
Ann Walaskay At OAKLAND COMM COL (Mich_A):
11:33:38 2013/05/15 (GMT -0400) Librarian ended chat session.
Ann Walaskay At OAKLAND COMM COL (Mich_A):
11:33:41 2013/05/15 (GMT -0400) Note: Set Resolution: Followup By Patron's Library
Ann Walaskay At OAKLAND COMM COL (Mich_A):
11:33:41 2013/05/15 (GMT -0400) Referred from: Chat Transcript to Shared Followup
11:44:40 2013/05/15 (GMT -0400) Claimed by: UNIV OF MONTEMORELOS(13203): Raúl Cervantes(131210) >From Shared Followup
11:46:47 2013/05/15 (GMT -0400) Clarification:
Estimado usuario,
Te contacto para pedirte si nos podrías precisar el tipo de material que necesitas. Por ejemplo, el formato (libros, artículos de bases de datos por subscripción, sitios Web) y si pueden ser en inglés o exclusivamente en español.
Gracias, de antemano, por tu aclaración.
Referencia Virtual NOE
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