[Virtual_reference] spanish lang VR questions

Walaskay, Alice A AAWALASK at oaklandcc.edu
Wed May 15 13:58:38 EDT 2013

Hi all!  We are seeing some Spanish language questions in our queue.
How to handle?  

Christine sent info about how to transfer to the Spanish language queue:


Here's the information from the QuestionPoint blog about transferring to
the Spanish queue in QuestionPoint:
-tip-no-habla-espaol-transfer-to-the-spanish-queue.html . Note that this
queue is available only when a Spanish-speaking librarian is logged into
the service. To see days/times when the Spanish queue is available,
refer to the schedule:
http://www.247ref.org/spanishschedule/libschedule.cfm . Note that the
times listed are Pacific Time (3 hours earlier than Michigan). 


If the Spanish queue is not available, then I would try to use an
institution script.  Univ of Montemorelos has a script that will come up
when one of their patrons sends a question.

Also, there are helpful phrases in Spanish from the QP Coop Best
Practices pages that you may use.  See


If you have questions, contact Susan McGlamery at mcglames at oclc.org. Or
if you prefer to contact Wren, her email address is wren247 at gmail.com.


Ann Walaskay, Faculty Librarian

Orchard Ridge Campus King Library

Oakland Community College


aawalask at oaklandcc.edu 

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