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This is very interesting, but since this is a post post modern world I am simultaneously running a Monty Python or Firesign Theater routine in my head, along the lines of abuse and argument.

"You whimpering sot, that requires a "Harvard 1" citation, and you've recommended a "Chicago 15 Humanities" ... Are you out of your frickin' mind!?"

"Excuse me, but is there any legal way to include first names without loosing my bursary?"

Oh, dear, echoes of cataloging school. Rap my knuckles with the ruler. "space - colon - space, you damned fool." What will Professor think?

And so I leave you, [Insert suitable valediction here]

I am, ever mindful of my transgressions,

Your humble citation Inquisitor,

Baier, R. 2013.

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> Dear Cooperative librarians
> I hope you are all enjoying the spring – here in London the sun is shining at last and the UK is looking forward to a bank holiday this Monday (May 6) ... so you won’t see many UK librarians picking up for the Coop on Monday J
> Speaking of the UK ... you’ll note that we are welcoming several more UK academic libraries to the Coop.  For those of you who staff the academic Cooperative, I wanted to draw your attention to the Quality tip I’ve recently posted to the QP Blog on Harvard referencing.  This is a type of citation style that is very common in the UK, but not so much in the US.  It’s very important to check the UK library’s policy page to determine the particular *type*of Harvard referencing the school will accept. Doing a Google search won’t do as a general source for Harvard referencing as this won’t have the nuances of a particular school’s implementation.  I imagine that as the semester draws to a close you may see more questions about Harvard referencing from UK students, so just be sure to check the library’s policy page, and when in doubt code the session for Follow Up.  Here is the blog post for more details:
> http://questionpoint.blogs.com/questionpoint_247_referen/2013/05/quality-tip-harvard-referencing-look-at-the-policy-page.html
> Please also note the recent Quality tips regarding IM, transfer and jumping into (or out of) chat sessions. In particular, note the importance of sending an IM message before transferring (or requesting a transfer), and do feel free to IM the Backup librarians if you see them with one of your patrons – they will be happy to hand over to you, just tap them on the shoulder via IM, and request a transfer.
> You can find the QP blog at http://questionpoint.blogs.com/ (or, just click the link to “Look in the Blog” in the top right of your My QuestionPoint page).
> Thanks again for your participation in the 24/7 Cooperative, and enjoy the spring!
> Best,
> Susan
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