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Walaskay, Alice A AAWALASK at oaklandcc.edu
Thu Sep 27 10:23:48 EDT 2012

I have just added a new VR script  called "college information
disclaimer" and it is along the same lines as our medical and legal
disclaimers.   It reads:


Librarians cannot provide details about educational programs, financial
charges, or employability of graduates from institutions that are not
their own.  Students should contact the institution's offices directly
for complete and accurate information.  That [phone number or web site]
is  XXX.   [Fill in the blanks]


VR Managers, you may want to add this to your local institution's
scripts as well.  Thanks - Ann W.


This is in response to a recent email we received:


From: For discussion of the QuestionPoint service 
[mailto:QUESTIONPOINT-L at OCLC.ORG] On Behalf Of Karen J. Docherty
Sent: Friday, September 21, 2012 4:34 PM
Subject: [QUESTIONPOINT-L] The importance of referrals


Hello Fellow QuestionPoint Librarians,

To comply with federal law, our community college district has recently
been stressing the importance of not misrepresenting any aspect of our
educational programs (approvals, credentials, completion requirements,
coursework), financial charges (costs, required payments, refunds,
financial aid options), or employability of graduates (current or likely
future conditions, pay, requirements, qualifications). 

The reason I'm sharing this with the list is because the law prohibits a
misrepresentation by a school or one of its representatives; it also
prohibits a misrepresentation by another institution, organization or
person with whom the school has an agreement to provide educational
programs, marketing, advertising, recruiting, or admissions service. I
wasn't sure how, or even if, the QP cooperative fits into the
educational programs category, so I checked with our compliance officer
and it was suggested that I share the information with you.

Federal law prohibits any misrepresentation in these areas. A
misrepresentation is any false, erroneous or misleading statement. A
statement is any communication made in writing, visually, orally, or
through other means. A misleading statement is one that has the
likelihood or tendency to deceive or confuse. It also includes the
dissemination of a student endorsement or testimonial that a student
gives either under duress or because the institution required the
student to make such an endorsement or testimonial to participate in a

The law now prohibits any misrepresentation, even if it is not intended
to be false, erroneous or misleading. If the statement has the
"likelihood or tendency to confuse or deceive"-even if the statement was
made innocently and without any intent to confuse or deceive-it is still
a misleading statement, which might jeopardize a school's eligibility to
participate in financial assistance programs under Title IV. 

We often get questions from our students that fall into the areas
mentioned above, so wanted to remind librarians to refer students to
appropriate departments for assistance and to not try to answer these
types of questions. It's ok to point students to college web pages for
information, but include a statement that they must call XYZ office at
XYZnumber for complete and accurate information. As librarians, we're
pretty terrific at doing this, so it's really just a reminder about how
important it is. 

For more information on Misrepresentation, visit 34 CFR 668(f)
-vol3-part668-subpartF.pdf>  or 





Karen Docherty
Ask a Librarian Coordinator
Maricopa Community Colleges 

2323 W. 14th Street
Tempe, AZ 85281
karen.docherty at riosalado.edu





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