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For those of you who monitor the 24/7 queue, please see the following.
- Ann W


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Subject: new Coop group: Oregon statewide service


This message is for all librarians staffing the 24/7 Reference
Cooperative.   Please be sure any librarians staffing the Cooperative in
your group are aware of this information (and please forgive


As of Sunday, July 1, the Oregon statewide service(currently called
L-net) has contracted with QuestionPoint to provide after-hours service
to Oregon library patrons and residents.  The service consists of 39
academic and public libraries that actively monitor the service, but any
Oregon person can ask a question. This is similar to other statewide
groups such as AskHerePA.  But, since Oregon patrons will only come into
the Coop for after hours services, there are some differences:


1. Policy pages


Unlike the other statewide groups, Oregon will have only 2 (possibly 3)
policy pages:  1 for academic and 1 for public.  However, individual
policies for Oregon libraries are linked from the main policy page in
the Alerts section, and are easily accessible as an alphabetical list.


When an Oregon patron comes into the queue, you may be able to help them
just fine without knowing precisely what library the patron is from.
There are some resources available for all Oregon libraries, which you
can find referenced on the Oregon policy pages.  BUT, if the patron has
a local library or account related question, please ask the patron to
indicate which library they use.    Once you determine the patron's

library, then you will find a link on the policy page that links to the
policies for each Oregon library.  Basically, Oregon is maintaining a
separate site for the policies for each library, but it is easily


If you want to take a look, just go to My QuestionPoint, click on Search
Policies, and search by state: Oregon.  The link to Oregon policies is
in the alert section.  


2.  Patron information: patron email address


The Oregon patron form asks (but does not require) patrons to submit an
email address.  However, Oregon patron email addresses will not be
submitted into the QP system, which means you - the chatting librarians
- will not be able to tell whether the patron has submitted an email
address or not.  If you feel a question needs follow up, ask the patron
for his/her email address and code for follow up.  Since all patrons
will appear as anonymous, even if they have left an email, please do not
use the Lost Call code with Oregon patrons.


3.  After hours vs Coop


Oregon patrons will be accessing Coop librarians only when Oregon is
offline.  When Oregon librarians are online, you will not see their
questions.  Therefore, whenever an Oregon question appears in a Coop
queue, this means Oregon is not online, thus all Oregon questions will
be seen immediately by the Cooperative librarians.  Most Oregon
questions will be coming in after hours Pacific time, so many of you
will never see Oregon questions.  If you monitor in the mornings East
Coast time or very late Pacific time, or on the weekends, then you may
see Oregon questions.


Please let me know if you have any questions about the Oregon service!






Susan McGlamery

QuestionPoint product manager

mcglames at oclc.org


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