[Virtual_reference] The demand of the day [Your Friday Surprise] "I need Super Mario Bros. now, I only have a minute, make it ASAP"

Randal Baier rbaier at emich.edu
Fri Feb 24 14:46:49 EST 2012

re: [7472643] Chat Transcript: i need to find the mario theme on trumpet. 

OK, I got one referred to me today through the greater virtual reference co-prosperity sphere. Some hapless soul was on ResearchNow and had a sporting MSU librarian help him search for Mario in Trumpet score. At one point the guy (I assume, sorry) said, "in one minute please -- OK I can wait, but do it ASAP." And then "I gotta go, but I'll login on Monday btw 7-8am for the answer." 

So, I'm reading my "follow up by patron's library" and totally ROTFL. But, being your Jeeves on call ... I went into the void, and indeed there is an abundance of niche market freaks out there doing this kind of stuff. Well, did I cheat? .... no, I used my sociology of EXPERTs research and asked a friend at AADL, known to be a performing Mario in library circles, if he had any hits on this. And lo!, he got back to me with a Bb trumpet transcription -- he even skipped out of his webinar to track it down. (No doubt multitasking with a smart phone) 

In the meantime I had found a few also, but not for trumpet. 

The long tail of living Mario .... 

I hope that guy (sic) is happy. This is part of the score below ...... hahahahaha. Can you hum a few bars? 

4     
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