[Virtual_reference] EMU problem patron

Sara Memmott smemmott at emich.edu
Fri Feb 24 13:40:23 EST 2012

Hi all,

Over the last few weeks, a patron has asked quite a few questions on chat through EMU in a pattern that I think has become inappropriate. Today it has escalated into him asking many questions in a single day.

He often uses the email address bob at hotmail.com or ck1999 at q.com (not real addresses) and often the name "marty" or "rex".  I asked if he was affiliated with EMU or another college and he said no. 

His chats follow a pattern of asking one or more ready-reference type question and repeatedly asking the librarian to "please hurry".  The questions are sometimes a bit odd, such as asking for information on the latitude and longitude of the emu (animal).  

I picked up quite a few of his chats this afternoon and indicated that his behavior was inappropriate, and ended the sessions.  If you encounter this patron, please feel free to do the same .  

The Research Help Now policy states that "Priority is given to inquiries from the faculty, staff and students of the participating institutions."   I think these repeated questions interfere with our ability to serve other patrons, and the patron is apparently unaffiliated with RHN institutions, making his behavior inappropriate, even though it is not blatantly rude or obsence

- Sara

Sara Memmott
Emerging Technologies & Social Work Librarian
Eastern Michigan University Library
734-487-0020, ext. 2107
smemmott at emich.edu

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