[Virtual_reference] critical week for qwidget roll-up

Walaskay, Alice A AAWALASK at oaklandcc.edu
Mon Sep 26 13:21:45 EDT 2011

Hi VRers --  We are in a crucial week for picking up questions from our
VR queues.   As you can see from Susan's note below, this week is our
reprieve to stay in the qwidget roll-up program. 

Having an answering percentage averaging above 75% is our goal, so that
we can keep having our qwidget questions relayed 24/7.  Of course, we
need to maintain the 75% on a regular basis...  At a time when the
number of questions coming in from our students is increasing, we need
to answer more questions to keep up the percentage.


Reminder:  As long as we are in the "qwidget roll-up," questions coming
in through the qwidget are automatically sent to be answered by others
24/7.  If we are not part of this "qwidget roll-up," our service will
still be available 24/7, but then the questions will be coming in
through the regular chat entry form instead of the qwidget during the
times none of us are monitoring the queues.   


Recent stats for the collaborative are attached.  Please see your VR
Manager for individual library answering percentage stats.    Thanks -
Ann W.

From: McGlamery,Susan 
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2011 11:26 AM
To: 'aawalask at oaklandcc.ed'
Cc: Rumbaugh,Paula
Subject: RE: Michigan Academic roll-up.xlsx


Hi Ann,


The group is doing well - this week, the MI librarians need only have
picked up 6 more chat sessions in order to be at the 75% benchmark.  So,
I've asked Paula to leave you in the roll up program another week.  


Let us know if any questions...




Susan McGlamery

QuestionPoint senior product manager




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