[Virtual_reference] FW: [Melcat] MeLCat elibrary server - scheduled DOWNTIME on Sept 14 (affects MeL Databases, too)

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Sept 14 (affects MeL Databases, too)



Please scroll down to read implications for MeL Database access.  If you
use direct IP access, you will be OK.  If you authenticate through the
driver's license or MeLCat card page, that part will not work for remote

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Subject: [Melcat] MeLCat elibrary server - scheduled DOWNTIME on Sept 14
(affects MeL Databases, too)

Hello all, 

We need to perform a software upgrade on the existing MeLCat central 
server (elibrary.mel.org.)  The MeLCat central server (elibrary.mel.org)

will be down beginning at 11:30AM on Wednesday, Sept. 14.  We expect it 
will be down the remainder of the day.  PLEASE distribute this
within your library to any staff potentially affected by this downtime. 

We apologize for this inconvenience at the start of a semester. We
don't like taking the servers down during the day (let alone at the 
beginning of September!), but we need to do these upgrades at times when

we have access to staff from several different organizations (MCLS,
and Innovative Interfaces). 

Here's what's affected: 

** MeLCat Implications:

You will be able to process requests and check out to patrons using the 
DCB server or your local Innovative system. (Unautomated libraries: 
WebWorks Quick Edit is unaffected by this upgrade and should be
to you.) 

However, updates to the central server from Innovative local servers and

the DCB servers will sit in a queue until the central server comes back 

You and your patrons will not be able to search MeLCat or place new 
requests on MeLCat.

Patrons trying to do renewals may get a "server unavailable" message.
All DCB data loading activities will continue as usual.

** MyMeL Implications:

MyMeL will not be operational.

Innovative local sites:  All MyMeL does at the moment is point to your 
local /patroninfo page so your patrons will still be able to see their

dates by going directly to their local patron records.

DCB local sites:  An alternative to the MyMeL link for DCB users to
their patron records and review their MeLCat requests is available at:
[DCB1]  https://dcb1.mel.org/patroninfo 
[DCB2]  https://dcb2.mel.org/patroninfo
[DCB3]  https://dcb3.mel.org/patroninfo
If you're not sure which DCB server you use, that information is
on the MeLCat Resource Sharing Contact List.  (MELD = DCB, so MELD1 = 
DCB1, etc.)

** MeL Database Implications:

1) The ability to search multiple MeL Databases at the same time will be


2) Patrons trying to do a remote login (via drivers license or an
at a MeLCat library) will not be able to do so.

3) Libraries without IPs registered DIRECTLY with the database vendors 
will not have access.   Libraries with direct links to the databases 
should be able to access the databases in the usual fashion (assuming
the vendor has your IP address registered).
Again,  please distribute this information within your library to any 
staff potentially affected by this downtime. 

Questions?  Please contact melcathelp at mcls.org. 



Jackie Licalzi
MeLCat System Administrator
Midwest Collaborative for Library Services
1407 Rensen, Ste 1   Lansing MI   48910-3657
800-530-9019  Ext. 146       Fax: 517-492-3808
licalzij at mcls.org                    www.mcls.org

Look for answers in the MeLCat wiki!  (
MeLCat Questions?  Email melcathelp at mcls.org
MeLCat mailing list
MeLCat at lists.mlcnet.org


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