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Mary Beeker mbeeker at nmc.edu
Thu Oct 20 09:59:26 EDT 2011

Tina Ulrich (VR librarian and Library Director) just forwarded this to
me...  It's a message from a former student worker at NMC's library, who has
since gone on to Michigan Tech.  They offer chat reference, but not beyond
library hours.  So, she used RHN and got help.

A nice testimonial and a sign of the importance of this service.

- Mary Beeker

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Thought you might all enjoy this!

* <http://www.facebook.com/marisa.glazier>*


   Hi Tina!!
   I need to message you because I am looking for some sources for a paper
   right? Well, here it is, almost 8 at night, so I go on my computer to Tech's
   library page to use the IM chat to ask some questions. It says no one is
   online and it's for use during library hours. Well, I remembered NMC and you
   have the research help now that's 24/7. Does Tech not have this service? I
   couldn't find it, however, I did just go to NMC's website and perhaps I
   shouldn't use it if not a student, but there's not log in for it, and I had
   a really focused questioned and was able to chat with a librarian from
   Oakland community college. Anyways, NMC website saved my night [image: ♥]
    That is all [image: :)]

*Tina Ulrich*
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Mary Beeker
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