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Subject: webinar: Community Outreach with Virtual Reference : special
events at the library

Please join us for this free webinar:  Community Outreach with Virtual
Reference: special events at the library

Libraries often stage special events for their community, such as author
talks, small business workshops and other topics of general, or special,
interest.  Virtual reference provides an opportunity for libraries to
present these events via the web.  This webinar will look at how diverse
UK public libraries are offering a variety of special programs and
events using QuestionPoint.  

Our speaker, Joanne John, is the coordinator of Enquire, the UK's
national virtual reference service, available at
http://www.peoplesnetwork.gov.uk.   Many Enquire libraries have set up a
local chat service, in addition to their participation in the national
Enquire service.  Jo will provide examples of the diverse local services
offered by UK public libraries, such as Essex County Council's popular
Homework Helper service.  Some libraries use their local chat service to
present special events, such as: Chat with an Author, Councillor Clinic
(elected officials answer questions from their electorate) and Book
clinic (customers discuss books, both general and genre specific).
Cornwall's local service allowed the library to completely reconfigure
the way reference service is provided to the public.

Programs and events offered through virtual reference are a
cost-effective way for UK public libraries to engage with their
community.  The users do not need to visit the library in order to fully
participate, and in many cases the speakers are offsite as well.  Not
only does this raise the profile of the library - it can open up many
intriguing ways to collaborate with community leaders, artists and
subject experts, regardless of their location.  And it can be a lot of
fun, too!

This webinar is one of a series of programs hosted by QuestionPoint,
designed to promote discussion of virtual reference best practices.  


The webinar will be presented on Thursday, August 18 at 11:30 AM US
Eastern Time (UTC-4 hours)and will last for approximately one hour.

To join this webinar, please register at:

Registration is required so we can distribute the necessary
log-in/call-in information to you.  Please be sure that messages from
messenger at webex.com are allowed through to you so your confirmation and
log-in information is not caught in a spam blocker.
The webinar will be recorded for those not able to attend.  

For more information:
Contact Susan McGlamery, QuestionPoint senior product manager at
mcglames at oclc.org 

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