[Virtual_reference] FW: QuestionPoint service is now restored

McCarthy, Sandy mccarthy at wccnet.edu
Mon Sep 20 09:56:23 EDT 2010

Hi All
There seems to have been many issues yesterday with Question Point scheduled upgrade.  Please make sure to review your transcripts from Sunday.


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Subject: [QUESTIONPOINT-L] QuestionPoint service is now restored

Dear QuestionPoint Users:

During our post install testing, we discovered a bug with the portion of the install that was designed to fix the problem of incorrect Referrer pages when using the "new" OCLC hosted  Chat forms.  The problem caused not only incorrect referrers between 4 AM ad 6PM  ET Sunday Sept 19th, but also caused instances of patron form failure, resulting in intermittent inability to access chat and email service from some of our libraries' websites.

In order to correct the patron access problem, we were forced to roll back the "Referrer page" fix.  This required 2 additional shut downs, one at 5:15PM ET and one at 6:45 PM ET, both of 15 minute duration.  Once service was restored,  all of the other new features and fixes in this install of QuestionPoint were maintained,  and are working as expected.

Please report any unexpected transcript issues to OCLC Support, using the email link from QuestionPoint.

Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve some issues with this Sunday's install.

Your QuestionPoint Team
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