[Virtual_reference] Reminder to submit your favorite transcript/s to the Best Transcripts Contest - Deadline November 1

Kickham-Samy, Mary kickham-samym at macomb.edu
Mon Oct 25 12:25:43 EDT 2010

Hello Virtual Reference Librarians, 

This is a reminder to submit your favorite transcript/s to the Best Transcripts Contest. Below is the information that you need to make a submission: 


All virtual reference librarians are invited to submit one or two of their favorite transcripts to the contest. (As in the past, managers are also encouraged to submit transcripts generated by librarians at their institutions.) 


What do you do? 

1. Read the Virtual Reference Best practices and the Qwidget Best practices, which are located on pages 30-33 in the Manual of Policies and Procedures, which is on the RHN Intranet. Here is the URL to the intranet: https://hosted.wccnet.edu/researchhelpnow/ 

User ID: librarian; PW: MichCC05 
2. Read the "RHN Best Transcripts Contest Check List," which is attached to this email. This check list will be used by the judges to help them score transcripts. 
3. Read through transcripts of virtual reference sessions that you have generated during the past 11 months, between October, 2009 - September, 2010. 
4. Identify one or two or your favorite sessions, especially those that exemplify best practices. 
5. Send the Question ID# of the transcripts of these sessions to Mary Kickham-Samy at kickham-samym at macomb.edu . The Questions ID# is the number between brackets at the very beginning of each transcript. It will look like this - Question: [5893512] Chat Transcript: can i read... 

6. Write a short paragraph explaining what you like about the transcript you submitted and why you chose to submit it. Your 


How to retrieve your transcripts: 
1.Log in to "My QuestionPoint" Page. 
2. Go to the "Ask" module. 
3. Click on the tab, "Service History" 
4. Then, click on the drop down menu that lists the virtual reference librarians at your institution. Find your name and select it. 
5. You can also limit your search to a specific time period. 
6. Click "search." You will retrieve transcripts of your sessions. 


Deadline: The deadline for submissions is November 1th, 2010. 


Let me know if you have questions or suggestions. 




Mary Kickham-Samy 

Librarian, South Campus 

Macomb Community College 

E-mail: kickham-samym at macomb.edu 

Phone: 586 4445 7419 

Reference Desk: 586 445 7779 


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