[Michlib-l] Looking for a Friends of the Library expert!

Hope Nobel lvwdirector at llcoop.org
Wed May 31 14:20:06 EDT 2017

Good afternoon, everyone - 


We are working on an agreement between our Friends and the Library, and I
need someone who can attend a meeting to provide an outside, nonpartisan
perspective on what a healthy version of this relationship looks like.  Can
any of you make a recommendation?  An individual with experience in this
area who is well versed in best practices and structural integrity of the
Friends/Library partnership would be ideal.  This is a rural area, with very
little professional experience represented on the Friends board, so it's
essential that our guest be able to speak to the group about professionalism
without danger of intimidation or condescension (tricky, I know).  


A little background information: We're blessed with an active Friends group
that raises an impressive amount of funds annually.  Unfortunately, the
historical relationship between the Friends and the Library has involved an
exceptionally high level of support from the Library to the Friends and the
blurring of many lines, resulting in expectations that are unfair to the
library and to my staff.  My efforts to correct areas of dysfunction have
been ignored when approached tactfully, and have been the occasion of
offence when stated with more clarity.  There are broad areas of expectation
that are neither appropriate nor realistic, and I need another voice to come
on board and help us see where change is needed.


If any of you have experienced similar situations and have advice for me, I
welcome that as well as speaker recommendations.


Thank you,


Hope E. Nobel, M.S.L.S.


Tamarack District Library

P. O. Box 469

832 South Lincoln Avenue

Lakeview, MI  48850



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