[Michlib-l] District Library Formation -- Consultants

Stephanie Masin smasin at sjcity.com
Tue May 30 11:52:49 EDT 2017

Greetings everyone -

I am hoping the collective at Michlib-L will provide some excellent recommendations as you all have in the past for so many queries.   I'm looking for recommendations for consultants who can come provide information and guidance on what it takes to become a district library.  We are specifically looking for someone who is skilled at getting parties who might be hesitant about the idea engaged in the process.  We want a thorough discussion of the steps involved, timeline, and pros and cons.

Many thanks in advance for your wisdom and advice,

Stephanie Masin
Library Director
Maud Preston Palenske Memorial Library
500 Market Street
St. Joseph, MI  49085
(269) 983-7167

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