[Michlib-l] book vendor research

Mary Beauchamp mbeauchamp at petoskeylibrary.org
Fri Jun 30 13:31:21 EDT 2017

Hello all,
Our library is looking into the quality of different book vendors.  We are currently using Ingram (for fully processed books), but we are curious if any of you use different vendors and what you think of them.  It seems like Ingram orders take a considerable amount of time between order placement (online) and the receipt of the fully processed books at our library.
Does anyone use a vendor other than Ingram?   If so, do you happen to know the approximate amount of time it takes for an order to be placed, processed, and received at your library?  And what do you think of the cost? Including processing?
Any input would be much appreciated.  Thank you!

Mary Beauchamp
Adult Services
Petoskey District Library

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