[Michlib-l] MeL Minute: A series of MeL Videos

Norris, Sonya (MDE) NorrisS2 at michigan.gov
Thu Jun 29 13:28:11 EDT 2017

The Library of Michigan has engaged a professional  film crew to produce three videos about the Michigan eLibrary. They will be 2-4 minutes in length and feature schools, library staff, library buildings, and patrons. We plan to take what we learned from the successful business videos<https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsiX4lmeyL4AkSn_DRZX1TgO3faZQ3Vhp> that we produced last year and parlay that into this new series. And we're looking to you for great stories to include!

One will talk about the success of using MeL resources at Cody High School, the Detroit Institute of Technology College Prep High School. Gale's Cody Academy Program sends volunteers to the Detroit school. In collaboration with the Cody  principal and one of the English teachers, Gale staff works with three senior English classes. A big side benefit to our efforts early on was the introduction of Cody staff to resources that were available to them free through MeL. Because of budget cuts, Cody, like other Detroit schools had recently lost their media specialists, and teachers and the administration were unaware of these resources.

The second will talk about how valuable MeLCat is to the residents of the state. We want to tell the story of how MeLCat increases the capacity of even the tiniest Michigan library to provide millions of books and other library resources to their residents. We're doing something that benefits 10 million people and it involves 90% of the public libraries and almost all of the academic libraries in the state. Let's sing about it!

The third video will talk about the impact of the MeL databases. We need to get in touch with patrons who have used the MeL databases to further their education at the high school or college level, to push into a new career field, to pursue their hobbies, to research family history, fix their cars, satisfy their curiosity, save money or bring money or business to their communities, or assist their employer.

We're planning to shoot the videos in August and September and we need your help. Do you have patrons with a great story to tell about their use of MeL? Do you have patrons that are articulate and would be proud to represent their new-found knowledge on camera? We're looking to you to share those stories with us as we seek out the best MeL tales in the state and get them recorded for all to see. Due to the practicalities of the shooting schedule, locations need to be within a one and a half hour drive of Lansing. Ideally, we would speak with more than one person at each stop so put on your thinking caps and aggregate the good news you have to share about MeL.

Contact Deb Renee Biggs at the Library of Michigan at 517-373-4466 or biggsd at michigan.gov<http://biggsd@michigan.gov> with your story.

Sonya and Deb
@Library of Michigan MeL Team

Sonya Schryer Norris
Library of Michigan
702 W. Kalamazoo St.
PO Box 30009
Lansing, MI 48909


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