[Michlib-l] Demco month, 7 day, 14 day, and 28 day stickers - free!

Hillary Berry hberry at richlandlibrary.org
Wed Jun 21 17:59:45 EDT 2017

I have boxes (and boxes and boxes) of the round, 3/4 inch Demco month 
stickers. I will happily send them along via RIDES to anyone interested. 
All boxes have been used. Let me know if there's a month you want or a set 
of a couple of boxes of all 12 months.
 I also have a variety of 7 day (round and square), 14 day (round and 
square), and 28 day (square) stickers available, too. If you're interested, 
I'm happy to send them along!
  Hillary A. Berry
 Assistant Director
 Richland Community Library
 8951 Park St.
 Richland, MI 49083

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