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Janelle Martin jmartin at lib.lapeer.org
Wed Jun 21 16:52:06 EDT 2017

For the techie people out there,
(Please excuse any cross posting)
I would like to create a new website for a small archive/collection (that
our library has) that centers around the Newbery award winning author,
Marguerite de Angeli. We had one previously (that was live when I started
working here about 9 years ago) but it was on a server that died. We were
able to salvage some of the pages and information from it. It will mostly
be information about the author and her works but will include pictures of
the collection and possibly pathfinder(s) for it also.  I have the option
of hosting a site through godaddy and using wordpress to create it or
creating a google site.

Has anyone created websites using wordpress and/or a google site?
If so, do you have any feedback on creating, maintaining  (etc.) websites
with either method?
Is one easier to use than another?
Is either method unsuitable for this purpose?
Is there a better but still cost effective option out there for this
purpose? (Keeping in mind, that I had one or two webdesign and programming
classes in college but I have not done anything since then.)

I want to avoid creating a website with either method and discover that it
can't do what I would like it to do, so I would be grateful for any
feedback that you can give me.  I can compile responses if anyone is
Thanks in advance,

Janelle Martin
Head of Fiction
Marguerite deAngeli Library
Lapeer District Library
921 W. Nepessing St.
Lapeer, MI 48446
jmartin at lib.lapeer.org
810-664-6971 <(810)%20664-6971>​

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