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Janet O'Keefe jokeefe at fpl.info
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Dear Bob & list,

The event is on Saturday, June 24th from 6:00 - 9:00pm at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, The Living Room, West Tower, 151 East Wacker Drive, Chicago IL 60601.  I had a hard time finding it in my e-mail because it didn't have any of the keywords I would have expected. The event name is A Celebration of Notable Librarians. You may be able to find your invite by searching with that title. 

Hope to see you there!

Janet T. O'Keefe
Flint Public Library
1026 E. Kearsley
Flint  MI  48503

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I apologize in advance if this is not an appropriate request. I received an invitation to the Lemony Sincket reception at ALA, but somehow managed to delete it before adding it to my conference schedule. Does anyone know when and where it will take place because I had a good time attending last year and would like to go again. This recpetion is an open event and doesn't require a ticket. Last year, I walked in because it was next door to another meeting that I had just attended.

Thanks for any help.


Robert P. Holley

Professor Emeritus, Wayne State University

13303 Borgman Avenue

Huntington Woods, MI  48070-1005

email: aa3805 at wayne.edu

phone: 248-547-0306

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