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I read a book in the late 1990's about an American nun who was a minimalist. I believed she lived in the southwestern US, and chose to live in the urban "inner-city" area she was ministering to. She strictly limited the number of possessions - I believe no more than ten books, two dresses, etc. (I can't remember the exact numbers, but it wasn't many per category). She came from a comfortable background, and wrote about her brother's displeasure in her giving away items she received as gifts. At one point, she mentioned he gave her monogrammed or personalized items, in the hopes that she would keep his gifts, but she commented that just made it more of a challenge to give away. She may have been a public speaker - she mentioned flying to a conference, and a child spilled something on her dress. Since it was one of few, that was a bigger deal than it might have been. 

I want to read this book again, and of course cannot remember its title or who wrote it. I have searched every which way, and I am coming up empty. I am hoping someone has read or heard of this book. 

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