[Michlib-l] About that job posting

Eric Magness-Eubank emeacl at alpenalibrary.org
Mon Jun 5 15:19:25 EDT 2017

I once had someone pick up and fill out an application while wearing a bathing suit.  I never saw the person, but between the time the person asked for the application and it reached my desk, I had heard from at least 4 separate staff members about her.  I also once asked a person applying for a treasurer’s position “Is there any reason you wouldn’t pass a criminal background check?”  The response: “I’ve never even set foot in a jail, well except to visit my friends.”  And, I once had someone answer on the application form “Why did you leave previous position?” with “too close to boss”  I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I was sure that I wasn’t going to give an interview to find out!

Ah well,


Eric Magness-Eubank
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From: Marian Volek 
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When I was the editor for our local newspaper, I had a young lady show up for a job interview in a prom dress. I also received a resume printed in white letters on a black background. Imagine how many black ink cartridges that gentleman went through!

Marian Volek
Administrative Assistant
West Iron District Library
Iron River, Michigan

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I agree. Reminds me of the cover letter I received for a ref librarian.  "I would love to join the staff at Washtenaw Community College and would be an asset". I've often thought I'd like to write up a list of dos ad don'ts for people applying for jobs. 

If it says no phone calls, do not call.
If it says electronic submissions, do not mail a hard copy.
When interviewing, do not tell me how you hated your last boss and how mean everyone was to you.
Do not arrive late dressed for an alt rock concert

and the list goes on .....


Susan Wess, M.L.I.S.
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  Subject: Re: [Michlib-l] About that job posting
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  Date: Mon, June 05, 2017 2:07 pm
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  Hello Connie:

  I think that your first reaction was correct. I have a fourth reason: the applicant is not comfortable with, or does not believe in, technology. In any case, I do not believe this person is right for your library. 

  Any such applicant did not follow the submittal directions. If it were my call, I would not accept those applications.

  Good luck with your search.


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  A few weeks ago I posted a job listing on Michlib and my coop's job board.  The listing very clearly states that resume etc. should be submitted to the following email address.  The listing did not include any mailing address.  Today I received my second fat envelope full of paper in application for the job.
  I have 3 reactions to this fat envelope.
  1. This person does not do well at reading directions.
  2. This person does know how to look up addresses.
  3. The wastebasket. 
  How would you react? Am I wrong here?  Interested in your comments? Also note, that so far I have 20 apps.

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