[Michlib-l] Digipalooza Attendees: A Road Construction Note

Jim Flury jflury at tln.lib.mi.us
Fri Jul 28 11:13:39 EDT 2017


For those attending the OverDrive Digipalooza conference in Cleveland next week, I wanted to call your attention to a Toledo road construction issue that is confusing at best and, if you are not paying attention (to this message, that is) could be problematic, due to poor signage as well as the heavy volume of truck traffic. If your route is US-23 south to I-475 east to I-75 south to the Ohio Turnpike, there is construction in Toledo on both I-475 and I-75. That isn't an issue, just follow the signs. However, if your route is I-75 south to I-280 south to the Ohio Turnpike, HEADS UP. When you cross the state line into Ohio on I-75, get in and STAY IN the middle lane. There are three lanes, but not for long. The far right lane is closed about one mile into Ohio. Don't get caught there, as the huge number of trucks can make it difficult to get back to the middle lane. If you've run this route before, you will recall that the exit for southbound I-280 from southbound I-75 in Toledo has always been the LEFT lane. That is not currently the case. The left lane now continues to I-75. The right lane is closed. This means the MIDDLE lane is the place to be, to exit to I-280. And to add to the confusion, even if you are in correct, middle lane to exit to I-280, you still have to veer right to exit I-75 to I-280. The signage that explains all of this is poor, and in my mind anyway, only serves to make a confusing situation even more so. One electronic sign on the right shoulder flashes "Do not follow GPS." You will recall that when Michael and Dwight from Dunder Mifflin followed GPS, they drove into a pond. While you won't drive into a pond if you follow your GPS, you will end up continuing south on I-75 through Toledo to the Ohio Turnpike. No big deal, I guess, but doing so will take you about 5-10 miles out of your way to the west, when you really want to be headed east, towards Cleveland. 

Don't be Michael and Dwight! 


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