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Several of you asked me to compile the responses to my question and I
received a few responses that gave me a lot to think about.
I am including them below instead of attaching them because michlib-l
doesn't include attachments in digest form or the archive.

Here is my original question:

For the techie people out there,
(Please excuse any cross posting)
I would like to create a new website for a small archive/collection (that
our library has) that centers around the Newbery award winning author,
Marguerite de Angeli. We had one previously (that was live when I started
working here about 9 years ago) but it was on a server that died. We were
able to salvage some of the pages and information from it. It will mostly
be information about the author and her works but will include pictures of
the collection and possibly pathfinder(s) for it also.  I have the option
of hosting a site through godaddy and using wordpress to create it or
creating a google site.

Has anyone created websites using wordpress and/or a google site?
If so, do you have any feedback on creating, maintaining  (etc.) websites
with either method?
Is one easier to use than another?
Is either method unsuitable for this purpose?
Is there a better but still cost effective option out there for this
purpose? (Keeping in mind, that I had one or two webdesign and programming
classes in college but I have not done anything since then.)

I want to avoid creating a website with either method and discover that it
can't do what I would like it to do, so I would be grateful for any
feedback that you can give me.  I can compile responses if anyone is
Thanks in advance,

​Here are the responses that I received:

​I have had a lot of luck with both Weebly and Wix for free website

Hi Janelle,

I created a WordPress site for our church library website.

On Blogger (Google) I've had 3 websites.  The biggest problem with each is
the blog format means order is the most recent first.  It works on the 2
Blogger sites because of the way they are structured (although sometimes my
main blog needs a reminder to catch all articles when I have a multi-part

I'm also the webmaster for a storytelling site.
<http://www.northoaklandcountystorytellers.org/>  It uses a Google
"classic" site and I'm not sure how the "new" sites differ.  I am uncertain
if both new and classic are still offered.  I can tell you that the classic
site gets past the blog problem of the last post is what you see first
offered on both WordPress and Blogger.  I think the Google sites will do
what you want and is not only flexible, but easily maintained.

Any reservations?  Yes, I'm finding sites now need to be both full screen
and mobile versions.  I also find many templates look exactly like that...a

My own storytelling website was made with a webdesign program that was a
more user-friendly WYSIWYG program giving results comparable to
Dreamweaver.  I went through various versions and they've now made it a
"legacy" product, so I won't suggest it.  I've been holding off on how I'm
going to create a mobile version.  In that respect I look forward to
whatever results you receive.

I'm also going to give my own experience with GoDaddy.  I started there and
you can definitely do better even though it's a well-known source used by
many.  It's been ages since I worked with them, so my memory of problems is
very hazy, but know I was able to do much better way back by switching to
Earthlink (remember them?) and eventually away to my own provider.  My
recommendation, if you don't need to go with a freebie option, is contact Host
My Site.com <https://www.hostmysite.com/> -- U.S. based and 24/7 support by
phone, chat, or email.  It includes domain management (my site and my
blogs), automatic yearly billing if wished, and a webmail account, although
I suspect the library's email will be what you use.  I've been with them
for many years.  I also know someone who thinks equally highly of
Kingwebhost <http://kingwebhost.com/> and has used them for many
storytellers and storytelling organizations.  I could put you in touch with
her if you like.

The de Angeli collection is a real gem that deserves online promotion!
Best wishes in your efforts.

In response to this, I have not used either of the other websites. I have,
however, created a website for my church as was able to use templates to
help make it look better.

The website is wix.com.

You have a free version, but you will be littered with wix ads. However, it
does give you several premium options. It's best to try and snag it when
there is a sale.

But in the end I find this website to be easy to use and not too terrible
on the wallet. The options we chose was like $28 for the domain this is
covered for the year (extra was added to protect my identity), and $16 for
the website premium for each month.

Did you get some good information?  I was going to respond earlier but
it's been a crazy week.
We started using Wordpress for our website and I love it.  I used
DreamWeaver for about 10 years prior and this is so much easier. If you
had any specific questions, I am open to try to help you.

We have regular menus and pages, plus a calendar.  And we have a blog.
There are many, many free templates that you would never know are free for
wordpress because they look lovely. We used a free one for a couple of
years and then decided to spend $50 on one that we liked. We pay for our
web address and storage through Blue Host for all of our files. That costs
4.95 per month. These are the only costs involved. I can update from
anywhere that I have internet access.  A much better option for us.
Hope this helps a bit.


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