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Fri Aug 25 14:05:29 EDT 2017


Michiganders on the Road "Life of Lincoln" Tour still has some openings.
Register today!


Experience an in-depth look at the life of one of America's greatest
presidents with our "Life of Lincoln" motor coach tour! The 4-day, 3-night
tour in October includes a special visit to the new Abraham Lincoln
Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois. We'll also tour
Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site, the Lincoln Home in Springfield,
the Lincoln Tomb in Oak Ridge Cemetery, and much more! Your guide will be
Robert Myers, our Assistant Director for Education Programs and Events. Like
all of our tours, we've planned every detail ourselves-no "off the rack"
tours for us!


The tour is from October 13-16, 2017, and is $625/person. This cost includes
all dinners and breakfasts plus one sack lunch on the bus; lodgings; and all
admissions fees, taxes, and gratuities.


Reservation deadline is September 1, 2017.


Our Michiganders on the Road motor coach tours are for HSM members only, but
if you would like to join our tours and are not currently a member, we have
an option on our registration page to add a membership to join the tour. 


gistration/> To register for the tour, click here!



Finding Home: The Settlement of Chief Waukazoo's Band


During an era of Native-American removal policies, delicate treaties, and
immense social pressures, an Odawa community traveled along the west coast
of Michigan in the 1830s and 1840s in search of a permanent home in their
traditional homelands. Join presenter Eric Hemenway at our State History
Conference in Holland from September 22-24 to learn how complicated a
journey their movement truly was. 


Interested in attending Finding Home: The Settlement of Chief Waukazoo's
Band or our other great sessions and keynotes? Check out our State History
Conference flyer and registration form to learn more about joining us for
this year's conference. 


Click on the cover below to view the conference booklet!


ce-flyer.pdf> SHC-current-cover


Standard Registration: August 21 - September 10, 2017

Late Registration: September 11 - 18, 2017


The State History Conference moves to a different location each year. This
conference celebrates all aspects of Michigan's history and offers a
close-up look at the heritage of the host area, which for 2017 is Holland,
Michigan. Take a tour through historic downtown Holland, learn more about
the DeZwaan windmill and the Holland Museum, and experience a wide plethora
of workshops and keynotes tailored to West Michigan.  


The State History Awards are also presented during the conference. Each
year, the Historical Society of Michigan presents a State History Award to
those individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions
to the appreciation and understanding of Michigan history.


 <http://hsmichigan.org/conferences/annual-state-history-conference/> To
learn more about this year's conference, visit our conference page on our



HSM Welcomes New Staff Member


The Historical Society of Michigan is pleased to announce the addition of
our new staff member, Rebecca Ten Brink! She has joined our staff as a
full-time Recognition, Membership, and Development Coordinator. 


Becky is a Michigan native with experience in non-profit administration, and
a background in database management and fundraising. She is currently
pursuing a Masters in Museum Studies degree through Johns Hopkins
University. As our newest full-time staff member, Becky will be overseeing
the Centennial Farms and Milestone Awards programs as well as assisting with
membership and fundraising efforts. We are happy to have her join the HSM


To those of you who shared our job posting from either our eNews column or
our Facebook page, thank you for all of your contributions. 


If you are a member organization with us, keep us informed of any job
openings within your organization-we are happy to promote them in our eNews!
To list a job posting, please send us an email at
<mailto:hsm at hsmichigan.org> hsm at hsmichigan.org. 







Coming Up Next With History Hounds.

History Hounds Logo

Save the date for our upcoming History Hounds Lectures! All lectures will be
at 7 p.m. in the Meijer Education Center at the Historical Society of



September 15, 2017 - A First Taste of Prohibition: Banning Booze in Midland


October 11, 2017 -  Remembering Blaney Park With Oral Histories


November 8, 2017 - Michigan Modern: Designs that Shaped America


December 6, 2017 -  Written in Stone: The Sanilac Petroglyphs


 <http://hsmichigan.org/programs/history-hounds-lecture-series/> For details
on the upcoming History Hounds schedule, visit our website!



The Historical Society of Michigan is our state's oldest cultural
organization, founded in 1828 by territorial governor Lewis Cass and
explorer Henry Schoolcraft. A nongovernmental nonprofit, the Society focuses
on publications, conferences, education, awards and recognition programming,
and support for local history organizations to preserve and promote
Michigan's rich history.


For more information on the Historical Society of Michigan, please visit
<http://www.hsmichigan.org/> www.hsmichigan.org or e-mail us at
<mailto:hsm at hsmichigan.org> hsm at hsmichigan.org.


The Historical Society of Michigan

5815 Executive Dr. . Lansing, MI 48911

Phone: (517) 324-1828 . FAX: (517) 324-4370





Calling all HSM Member Organizations!


Do you have an unusual, one-of-a-kind artifact or item in your collections?
We're looking for eligible items to include in our publications. If you
think you have a unique item of interest, let us know! Eligible items and
artifacts that belong to an HSM member organization will be featured in our
publications, along with your organization's site information. 


Please e-mail  <mailto:editor at hsmichigan.org> editor at hsmichigan.org for more



Don't forget to check us out on Facebook! 


 <https://www.facebook.com/hsmichigan/> Image result for facebook icon

 <https://www.facebook.com/hsmichigan/> HSM page





Barbeque History for Your Labor Day Celebrations


Say goodbye to barbeque season with one last historical hurrah in our Summer
2017 issue of HSM's member publication, Chronicle! "The Burning History of
the Charcoal Briquette" deals with the unique history of the charcoal
briquette and its significant ties to Michigan.


Interested in learning more?
r-Story.pdf> Read the story on our website!


current Chronicle cover



Did you know we have an online calendar listing history-related events?


One of our membership benefits for local historical organizations is our
online calendar. Tailored to promote local history events around the state,
our online calendar highlights member organization events and exhibits. Do
you have an event or exhibit you'd like displayed? See our instructions
below to submit to our calendar!



Upcoming Events From Our Members


The Iron County Historical Society presents "Miner's Labor Day Picnic,"
Saturday, September 2, in Caspian.


The Elk Rapids Area Historical Society presents "Animals in the Civil War:
Beyond Old Abe and Traveller," Thursday, September 7, in Elk Rapids. 


The Northville Historical Society presents "Northville Heritage Festival,"
Friday through Sunday, September 15-17, in Northville.


The Little Traverse Historical Society presents "Historic Home Tour,"
Saturday, September 23, in Petoskey.


The Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society presents "Aromatherapy
History," Wednesday, September 27, in Orchard Lake.


The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum presents "7th Annual Whitefish Point: Run
for the Light 5K/10K Walk/Run," Saturday, October 14, in Paradise. 


 <http://www.hsmichigan.org/calendar/> For more calendar events, see our



Interested in featuring an event on HSM's online calendar and eNews?


We are always looking to support our member organizations, and one of the
ways we show support is in advertising your events and exhibits. Have an
exhibit or event you'd like promoted?
<http://www.hsmichigan.org/calendar/event-submission/> Feel free to submit
your listing via our online calendar registration form here. 



This e-mail is sent to our members and friends to keep you updated on
historical activities and opportunities to learn more about our state's
history. To opt-out, please respond to this e-mail with "remove" in the
subject line.


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