[Michlib-l] Deadline August 31: Apply for the MI Library Harwood Public Innovators Lab (Nov 7-9) and follow-up training

Jan Davidson davidsonj at mcls.org
Thu Aug 24 08:30:02 EDT 2017

The Library of Michigan and MCLS are pleased to announce a continuation of their partnership with The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation<http://theharwoodinstitute.org/>. There will be a third opportunity for Michigan library staff to participate in the Institute training. This opportunity will include a full 2.5-day Public Innovators Lab, Nov 7-9, followed by 18 months of coaching. Learn more and apply mcls.org/harwood2017<https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fmcls.org%2Fharwood2017&h=ATNlfRgtvZZ6UtmR6nVsZrQ2P3HkueCvO8MdlR8Rtauuyd2ed5s1Q41cLlolmo6QYZ_9OQKsd1--OoI5jYMdy3jY7awupy4fDugSsp0WLbg3VI01yLDLAgNvclk8lQ59NtI-GExL1qjeHn4Uj0Cv5A&enc=AZMRnLSMr-bexvaZ_daEzpU8typoYayOxkPS9c68ojkGTrulJK6bVq0XWocobmexJNRSFE0OA-PMWtYmoTD0NG8HGJ3Kr5zJ1DEDu-Gj_x5Khle4Df9W7gC3oJibOS6tamlNZQWxHZhExXTPsnGOuI03tNB-XgugaTHvMKtUjn97GMLBHakxj4x0Ix9bticHNHz3rMJQbWr-Q5-V8cMHXoeg&s=1>

The training will be led by coaches from the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation. It will be robust, extensive, and is being offered at no charge to selected Michigan libraries, with generous stipends provided through Library of Michigan LSTA funding.

  *   Applications must be submitted by 5pm Eastern (4pm Central) August 31, 2017.
  *   Notification to recipients will be on or before September 13, 2017.
See our page<http://mcls.org/training-events/events/michigan-harwood-cohort-2017/> for how to apply and more information about this initiative: http://mcls.org/harwood2017

Questions should be sent to David Votta, MCLS Community Engagement Librarian, at vottad at mcls.org<mailto:vottad at mcls.org> or call David at 800-530-9019 ext. 122

This project is supported by the Library of Michigan with federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.
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Jan Davidson
Administrative Assistant, Member Engagement
Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (MCLS)
Phone: 517-492-3811 / toll-free 800-530-9019 x111
davidsonj at mcls.org<mailto:davidsonj at mcls.org>

Check out the MCLS Training Calendar at: mcls.org/calendar<http://mcls.org/calendar>
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