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Subject: NoveList Webcast: Where does readers’ advisory fit in your 21st century library?

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[Webcast: Where does readers’ advisory fit in your 21st century library?]<http://4la.co/1CBR58?SID=b998ac64-4a28-4a1e-a418-3b410ef94d44>

Join us for a free webcast from NoveList!

Invest in a Maker Space, add staff, or buy more books? Determining how best to use limited funds to get the greatest return has plagued libraries since the newest technology was the phonograph. How do we balance the need to serve new users in new ways when we don’t have the funds to take care of our traditional users in the traditional ways they expect -- i.e. buy more books?

Join three leading public library directors as they share the math they use to balance this equation in their communities. This session will provide three dynamic visions of how the communities of Hillsboro, OR; Delaware County, OH; and Charleston, SC are balancing the demands of the new while delivering services to everyday readers. They will share the challenges they are facing, where they think public libraries are headed and where readers’ advisory service fits in their 21st century libraries.

They will also give you hints about how to win approval (and funding) of your ideas for enhancing your readers' access to and enjoyment of books.

Wednesday, May 10 2-3 pm Eastern

[SIGN UP]<http://4la.co/1CBR58?SID=b998ac64-4a28-4a1e-a418-3b410ef94d44>

Stephanie Chase, Library Director, Hillsboro Public Library
Nicolle Davies, Executive Director, Charleston County Public Library
George Needham, Director, Delaware County District Library

Moderated by Duncan Smith, Co-Founder and General Manager, NoveList

Looking for more help reaching readers? Try:

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