[Michlib-l] Any libraries who don't use web filters?

Ashlee McClaughry (Roseville Public Library) amcclaughry at roseville-mi.gov
Thu Apr 20 16:26:51 EDT 2017


We're having ongoing issues with our web filters blocking our WiFi users from certain websites that are safe, and with it conflicting with Envisionware. My director is at the point where the problems the web filters are causing outweigh the preventative good of having them in place and would like to remove them. Before we do so, we are wondering if any libraries who have stopped using filters could contact me off list and share why they removed them and what their experience has been?

Thank you!

Ashlee McClaughry, Systems Librarian

Roseville Public Library

26777 Gratiot Ave.

Roseville, MI 48066


amcclaughry at roseville-mi.gov
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