[Michlib-l] FOIA Library Policy

Sylvia Merz lelandlibrary at lelandtownshiplibrary.org
Tue Apr 18 10:50:31 EDT 2017

Hello all.  If you have the time and inclination, I would appreciate samples
of existing Library FOIA policies.

Establishing as a 'new' governmental entity is presenting lots of new
'opportunities' to my Board!

Appreciate your help.  My email is:  lelandlibrary at lelandtownshiplibrary.org
<mailto:lelandlibrary at lelandtownshiplibrary.org>  


Sylvia Merz, Director 

Leland Township Library     

203 E. Cedar St., P.O. Box 736     

Leland, MI 49654-0736

PH: 231-256-9152     FAX: 231-256-8847

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday - 10 to 5     Wednesday-10 to 6
Saturday-10 to 2




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