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Laura Orlowski laura at camdenlibrary.org
Thu May 26 11:48:36 EDT 2016

Hi all;

Sorry for the delay in getting a recap of my original inquiry about
digitization projects.

Let me first say "Thank You!" to all who responded - your info was very

Several libraries use Sanilac Computing Products (Digital Totes).  They
offer digitizing and hosting of a searchable database.  I had a web demo
with Michael Soflin this morning and was very impressed with this service.
Cost: $850 per year (flat rate) for hosting the searchable database.
Digitizing costs vary depending on items but seem reasonable.  Digital
Totes can be found on Facebook or you can contact Michael at 810-648-3200,
msoflin at scpweb.com, or www.scpweb.com

Others used Graphic Sciences of Madison Heights.  They also offer
digitizing and hosting of a searchable database.  I have not made contact
with them yet, so I can't give any details.  The libraries who use them
said they are fair-priced - one library said the process too longer than
planned but they are satisfied with the results.

The other libraries who responded mentioned Clarke Historical Library
(CMU).  I knew they have worked extensively on newspapers and microfilm,
but did not know that they are now working with digitizing and online
databases.  I planned to contact them about purchasing copies of our local
newspapers, but will also be looking at other options they offer.

One library talked about a software option called "Past Perfect" - for 1
price you could possibly scan and run your own database.  I did look this
up to see if this was an option I would consider.  For my library, I don't
think so.  First, the software is designed mainly for museums - it could
very well work fine for libraries, but I prefer to go with an option that
is designed specifically for libraries.  Second, I am not a computer tech -
I would prefer to have someone who knows what they are doing host my
library's database.  But of course, that is my opinion - this option may
work for you.

Thank again for all who responded to my request.  I hope this info helps
others who are considering digitizing options, too.

-Laura Orlowski, director
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