[Michlib-l] background check follow-up

Stacy Pasche spasche at benzieshoreslibrary.org
Wed Mar 23 10:32:54 EDT 2016

I posted a week or so ago regarding background check services. Here is what
I learned:

Of the libraries who respnded, several are using the INternet Criminal
History Access Tool (ICHAT) through the Michigan State Police. This service
is free to libraries and you can apply at https://www.michigan.go*v/ichat*

"Sentrylink for nationwide background checks, and Mi IChat for Michigan."

"We use Rehmann.  My contact is Anne McDonald.  anne.mcdonald at rehmann.com
Last time we used them standard background check was $150.  This includes
driving record check. I believe this includes a county criminal check, but
you will have to verify it. "

*"Credential Check"*

Stacy Pasche,
Assistant Library Director

*"Sometimes it's fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney*
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