[Michlib-l] Senate Passes Library Tax Capture Bills

Gail Madziar gmadziar at milibraries.org
Wed Mar 16 16:40:40 EDT 2016

Michigan Library Association commends the Michigan Senate and Senate leadership for recognizing the importance of supporting the funding structure for Michigan's libraries. Today the Senate voted 36- 2 to pass the seven-bill package allowing libraries to protect their dedicated special millages. The bills will now move to the House.
The library community appreciates the Senate's support of solutions to help keep our libraries adequately funded. Today's passage of legislation that would enable libraries to choose participation in tax captures validates the voters who go to the polls and overwhelmingly choose to support their libraries by approving a dedicated library millage. Many of these locally dedicated taxes currently are being withheld against the libraries' choice and in many cases without the voting taxpayer's knowledge or approval.
Call or email your Senator and say thanks.
Read Michigan Library Association's official News Release.<http://www.milibraries.org/assets/1/6/News_Release_Tax_Capture_legislation_032016.pdf>

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