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Thanks Shutta for the great reminder.  You’ll find both of these in MeL.

The Michigan Authors resource can be found in MeL in a variety of ways -  under the full database list<http://mel.org/databases>; the Kids Gateway, Parents page<http://kids.mel.org/Parents>; the Books & Literacy Gateway<http://mel.org/books>; and the Teens Gateway, Reading Zone<http://teens.mel.org/MeLReadingZone>.
Society of Children's Book Authors and Illustrators is in the Books & Literacy Gateway, Authors & Writing<http://mel.org/index.php?P=MeLGateways&ParentId=88>

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​Hey all!  As National Reading Month rolls around again, I keep getting emails about where/how to contact local authors for school and library presentations.

Please remember that the Society of Children's Book Authors and Illustrators has a very active chapter in Michigan (400+ members).  A listing of those published who do talks is at the Mi--SCBWI site:  https://michigan.scbwi.org/authors-illustrators  .

​Also the State keeps a list known as the Mich. Authors & Illustrators Database. It's at: http://libraryofmichigan.state.mi.us/Authors  .

And do remember, the sooner you can schedule an author for Reading Month, the better.  Many are completely booked months out.

Have a happy March! (And it isn't too soon to start preparing for next March!)

Shutta Crum

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